Integrated technology solutions

Focus Data Analysis

Knowing accurate information of your buses’ positioning and status helps in making solid business decisions. We are proud in making use of a new software platform by which we get information from the bus, the driver, and the route in an integrated fashion that helps with a greater insight to the transportation operations. It also helps with data that is integral in taking decisions related to students safety, community satisfaction and cost savings.

Our specialised software assists in near real time operations effectiveness with the help of on board data and GPS. The efficiency in accurate, quick response to our parents and customers enquiry is increased dramatically by this software. It also helps us in managing our locations accurately by tracking safety, security, and on time performance.

Operational Benefits

  • Comparison with targeted goals and schedules are made easy with near real time tracking.
  • Computer assisted proactive, information based dispatching with the help of dispatch dashboard alerts.
  • Visibility and transparency of vehicles and drivers outside the depot are bettered.

Customer Benefits

  • Using automated driver monitoring system provides verification about the completion of routes in the specific time.
  • Provides near real-time alert which helps in increasing ontime performance which helps in providing foresight to take pre-emptive action.
  • By providing access to investigate any questions or concerns quickly and accurately regarding a particular route it improves communication.

Maintenance Benefits

  • By using GPS engine diagnostic capabilities it enhances data capture for maintenance purpose.
  • Any and all issues that could be a potential contribution to any major mechanical problems are alerted to the maintenance managers.
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