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Not only is student transportation complex but also taken for granted most of the times. However at NVS, through our expert team, we offer a dedicated in-house team of experts who are focused primarily on comprehensive consulting services. Beyond daily operations, this team goes to help you plan a transport environment that is safe.

At NVS we provide scheduling and routing solutions for our clients’ everyday challenges. After analyzing your transportation goals and needs we combine the right resources along with technology and get the best possible outcome for your school.

System Assessment

NVS offers a comprehensive assessment of your entire transport system and processes related to your current routing operations based on systems, people and processes. Our consulting services include:

“What If” Studies, Bell Time Reviews and Change Studies: By simulating scenarios and evaluating potential outcomes, NVS planning solutions provides expert research, analytics and recommendations in order for you to make a well-informed change to your system.

Boundary Planning

Based on your system requirement, configuration, data population and a variety of other components we review and implement the best routing solution.

Custom Maps

In order to meet school planning, and parent community needs we generate custom maps.

Comprehensive Transportation Studies

We develop a cross-functional study by learning every component of a transportation program starting from staffing and operations to equipment and maintenance that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a program thereby suggesting opportunities for improvement.

New Systems

Schools often have limited time and resources to advance students to the next school year within their system and to prepare new routes. A new routing system in such a way that it quickly and fully integrates with your current transportation operation can be set up by us with ease when you need.

Ongoing User Support

We provide the experience and expertise to prepare student data and routes throughout the school year. In our management is a fully operational Help Desk staffed by experienced technicians who troubleshoot technical and system issues.

Green Initiatives

Reductions in greenhouse emissions, excess idling and fuel consumption that positively impact your community are the result of an efficient routing program.

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