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School dash board

To run school transportation with clarity, information that answers parents’ questions with quick and accurate information is imperative. That helps in running the transportation smoothly.  We at NVS with centralise all importation transport data for effective decision making.


We at NVS with centralise all importation transport data for effective decision making

Cutting-edge technology

Time of bus arrival to schools and stops are analysed with the help of bus, route, and GPS data in real time.

Operational transparency

Alongside delivering operational intelligence, answers to parents questions, and reports on routes and stops are provided.

Customer Partnership

While our customer support team offers trouble shooting help, clarity is provided for operational discussions.













For transportation related messages let NVS over view school dashboard be your transportation communication resource.

Unlike other school transport operators, NVS provides a School transport software that is built in-house to meet all the school bus service challenges. Yet user friendly, with simple navigation. Enabling Schools to manage day to day transport activities on their fingertips through the dashboard with real time updates on students, vehicles, and ground teams confirming student safety at all levels.

Online geo based transport opting enables parents to choose defined or authorized pick up & drop locations. Online transport fee payments ensure a 100% accuracy of distances and data. Payment reconciliation for schools are just made easy along  with special access to admin teams to optimise routes, deployment and multiple MIS reports.

NFC based child safety application capable of confirming student’s whereabouts on boarding and deboarding status ensuring the safe student handing over to authorized guardians. It works in both online and offline modes through a handheld Android device keeping student safety as priority. Also, a fool-proof system to manage attendance of the entire school.

A lot more on the parent app – Live tracking, ETA/STA, Ongoing & upcoming trip schedules, Communication center, Quick serve   support desk, to add authorized Guardians, and an additional access on our web portal to monitor fee payment/discount/refund, along with multi user management.

Parent App

Easing out the morning rush is super easy with NVS zones parent app. It becomes your primary resource to track your students bus, departure and arrive to and from school and estimated time at your students stop etc.,

Predictive stop arrival time and live tracking:

Shows your students’ bus stop time for the day, time of school arrival, also departure and direction of your students’ bus.

Custom messages and alerts

Set up email alerts or push messages to automatically get information when your student’s bus is at a certain distance or certain number of minutes away from the stop. Alerts can be customised to provide information on delays, reason for the same and the estimated time.

Additional user notifications

At the maximum three accounts can be linked by the main parental app user to receive email alerts.

Dedicated 24/5 customer support

Anyone can contact the customer support team anytime Monday through Friday at: [email protected].

“!” button in app for frequently asked questions.

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