Benefits of School Bus outsourcing

Partnering with a company to manage key services is the agenda of contracting. Moving from a simple supplier to a true partnership contracting has evolved over years. The basic idea of these partnerships is to enable schools to focus on their core mission of education.

Students’ transportations as the primary business

Why Contract Student Transportation Services?

To a school’s basic operations, students’ transportation is highly critical and complex. Having students’ transportations as the primary business, private contractors have one main focus point which is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient school bus services.

Three important aspects are borne in mind while contracting student transportation services.

  • Safe and reliable transportation of school children by a truly passionate local operating team.
  • For the most cost effective utilization of resources including vehicles, fuel and spare parts a wide array of transportation solution including dedicated capital of fleet maintenance and management, technological innovation and strategies, proven expertise.
  • A custom made approach and innovative ways of service delivery, safety, and efficiency enabled through a strong customer orientation and culture.

Types of Transportation Solutions

Customized to meet your schools’ specific goals contracting services are available in numerous combinations.


Full Turnkey Solutions

All aspects of schools’ transportation operations are managed by the partner.

Customized Options

While the school continuous to operate few elements the partner continuous the operation of certain key areas.

Stepped Approach

While the school begins with an initial contract of limited service it later moves on to engaging into additional services until the contract turns out to into a full turnkey solution.

When to Consider Contracting

If one or more of the following points is true then contracting school transportation services might be the solution.

  • Cost of transportation needs to be reduced and better managed
  • Accent to advanced transportation capabilities needed
  • In order to focus on core educational activities you want the administrative resources to be freed up.
  • When your current system is unable to support the sudden fluctuation in student population.
  • When your buses need replacement as your fleet is aging.
  • In order to stay compliant with new and updated regulations when you are needed to purchase, install, train, and maintain new equipment.
  • When your transportation staff’s training and development need improvement.
  • When your transportation operations is losing out on an experienced personnel.

Benefits of Contracting

There is enormous pressure on schools to deliver economical yet competitive deliverance of quality educational services. While saving from 10 up to 30 percent for schools when contracting students transportation it also allows you to give more energy, time, and resources to the classroom.

Access to advanced transport capabilities

Benefits for Schools

How to provide key services to their students is a constant thought process in schools of all sizes. Starting from access to advanced transport capabilities and industry best practices to high safety standards, enhanced efficiency for their services, schools seek a transportation partner for a number of reasons.

School control is increased by contracting services. Expectations and policies are set in contract by the schools. A great student transportation service which is well deserved and needed by your school is then provided collectively through your partnership with a private contractor.

on-time performance and safety standards

Benefits for Parents and Communities

The bar set for advances in technology, on-time performance and safety standards in your school is raised by contracting. In this increasingly complex field, even under tight budget constrain your school gets access to the most knowledgeable transportation expertise when partnered with a school transportation service provider.

successful school transportation operation

Benefits for Drivers

At the core of each successful school transportation operation is a team of great drivers. They form the main link between the community, transportation management, and school. Drivers receive enhanced training opportunity, room for advancement, and additional earning opportunities when partnered with a school transportation service provider.