Why NVS ?

At NVS with utmost customer focus and a value driven approach along with a dedicated and qualified workforce coupled with technology oriented solutions we are ready to serve our customers respecting each feedback and focusing on our service.


Beyond a shadow of doubt, safety comes first. We are almost more than twice as safe as the industry average as we understand that.

Efficient Operations

In helping you optimize your school bus transportation our professional data tools allow you to identify better efficiency.

Custom Solutions

Special needs services, turnkey services, managed services; you are free to pick from any of the required services that is best for you.


We bring the present day connectivity to students, schools, and families with our camera enabled school buses to our bus tracking systems.

Our Drivers

A high performance set of highly trained professional drivers and monitors are formed into teams to safely delivering your students commutation. With the dedication of providing high level of service our drivers who are familiar faces in the community, serve you with zeal.

Our Buses

At NVS our constant focus is on advanced safety and innovation. Our continued patronage to our customers through enhanced safety practices being one of the early adopters of technology which are standard on today’s buses.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance as we know minimizes down time, break downs, any inconvenience and capital costs. While providing cost efficient and reliable service our program also ensures your students’ safe ride, and secured bus.

School Bus Safety

Safety is an integral part of our core value. We keep safety at the epicentre of our operations. We are proud to be twice as safe as the industry standards of collisions due to our dedication to safe school bus transportation. Through our training, daily touch points and best practices we promote safety culture.

The topics we focus include:

  • Background check and rigorous screening of all drivers and monitors.
  • Positive reinforcement which is behavioral specific, students age-appropriate conducts expectations for appropriate and safe bus behavior.
  • For monitoring driver speeding performance, idling, and effective response to parents/guardians usage of GPS devices in all buses.

Expertise and Resources for Your Schools

Managing school bus transportation could be time consuming and increasingly challenging. Come and explore the reason for one third of the schools privatizing their school transportation.

We try and build a long term relationship with school by applying our comprehensive resources long-term and local priorities.

We understand that each school is different. Hence we personalize each service also helping through any changes along the year.

Our Approach

Customer focus and a value driven approach…

At NVS with utmost customer focus and a value driven approach along with a dedicated and qualified workforce coupled with technology oriented solutions we are ready to serve our customers respecting each feedback and focusing on our service.

Students Care Always in Mind

NVS has been partnering with local work force to deliver quality, safe and effective students’ transportation services. Our approach applies our resources in enabling us to make a positive and long lasting impact and to locally define priorities for the benefit of our schools.

At NVS you can find the right transportation solution for any of your transport needs including change in student population, better safety performance, to be able to explore new technology, or even to increase the visibility of your transportation.

Local Team

Our school bus drivers and care takes take pride in helping the school children have a great start for the day.

Our  service mentality is to provide highest level of service to your school  students. Our transportation team members including drivers, Monitor and supervises create a positive impact about their school bus journey.

In order to positively impact each student’s day our trusted faces in the community understand their role importance.

Support Network

With a prime focus of serving your school, students, and community our NVS team members and local drivers have access to a supreme network in the area of safety, security, logistics, vehicles, maintenance, and human resources.

Collaborative Planning

As your dedicated partner in transportation solution we understand  the complexity involved in school bus transportation. Hence we take off this burden from you by collaborating with you providing en enduring long term transportation solution. In order to help you take better decision in your transportation goals we try and provide access to crfitical data and management systems.

Customized Flexible Services

Understanding your schoold unique needs and challenges we try and provide customized solutions. By quickly and effectively addressing any situation need or emergency with our network of vehicles, resources, and management expertise we adapt to your changing needs.

Proven Supply Chain Partnerships

Striving on cost efficiency for better classroom usage we focus on the overall or total cost of purchase, operation cost and maintenance of vehicle, all this with our school partners on top of mind. We have comprehensive partnership with our key vendors and original equipment manufacturers which helps us in improving service by providing buses a prolonged lifecycle.