Rigorous Training

Our Drivers

A high performance set of highly trained professional drivers and monitors are formed into teams to safely delivering your students commutation. With the dedication of providing high level of service our drivers who are familiar faces in the community, serve you with zeal.

We understand that drivers and monitors being the face of school transportation can make a good or bad day for a student. Let’s understand that students may not understand the complexity of computer generated routes and how they get them to school. All they are bothered about is the driver and monitor’s behaviour toward them, how they are greeted and the overall bus experience. So end of the day that relationship comes down to who gets hired as monitor or driver, the tools they are provided with and the way they are trained.

Driver Screening

We do follow a stringent selection process including a carefully crafted interview flow to ensure we provide you with the best possible drivers and monitors. That is only because we as your responsible school partner understand the responsibility in providing safe, professional, and caring drivers and monitors to your school.

Initial Minimum Hiring Requirement

Background checks

Residency, criminal background, previous employment details, and driving skill test are conducted on all employees. We have one of the most stringent background verification processes in the industry.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is conducted during recruitment and at on-going intervals post hiring. NVS has zero tolerance policy towards usage of alcohol and drugs at work place.

Physical Performance & agility Requirements

Drivers and monitors at NVS are required to be agile and ready to meet any physical requirement for either emergency or routine situations.

Advanced Driver Training

Critically advanced driving strategies to prevent collisions and ensuring safe transportation to our passengers is provided.

Training on Six Types of Security Events & Procedures

During any type of specific event situation ensures safety to the passengers by providing in needed training to the bus drivers and monitors.

Sexual Harassment Training

Helps in drivers identifying bullying and sexual harassment on the bus and prevent them.

Driver and Monitor Training

Our training programs are aligned based on each driver’s experience, passengers’ need and any other location specific need or risk factors. Being the pioneers in industry safety we understand that experienced and new drivers’ requirements are different. Hence we have developed comprehensive level of programs to suit varied levels of driver experience.

Complete Safety Performance Standards & Standard Operating Procedures

All transportation staff members are aligned with our safety standards and protocols.

Injury Prevention Program

This program helps in creating an injury free and collision free work place.

Early Childhood and Special Needs Training

Keeping in mind our need for early childhood and special needs transportation, specific targeted, specialized training programs and hiring qualifications are developed. Above and beyond the state requirement our training programs are one of the best in the industry.

NVS drivers and monitors are provided with the opportunities to participate in various need specific educative programs and workshops. These are primarily focused on being sensitive to the students various physical and emotional needs.

Sample Training Offerings


Helping in each student learning the quality of inclusion which helps in getting disabled children get involved with their co students.

Characteristics of disabilities

Learning of what can happen, ways to react and things we can do to help.


Training on understanding others needs and involving them.

Law & Liabilities

Regular updates on law and regulations such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Student Behaviour Management

Training provided on calming a child during extreme behaviour due to stress.

Passenger Loading/Unloading Equipment Training

Training provided on procedures and careful operation of wheel chair lifting and securing along with child safety restraint systems.

Written evacuation Plans

Plans taught on evacuation during emergency quick, safe and effective manner without any injury.