Benefits of Our Fleet Maintenance Program

Strict Maintenance Program

For a successful transportation operation a strong fleet maintenance program is critical. We keep safe rigorously-maintained buses on the road without interruption by our maintenance best practices and streamlined procedures.

Based upon a framework of principles designed to create a high performing maintenance environment NVS has a systematic approach. Among the most stringent and innovative in the industry, leading to increased vehicle reliability, longer lifecycles and greater customer satisfaction our fleet management and maintenance programs are one of the top.

Considering your unique usage and environmental needs NVS will develop a customized fleet management and maintenance program. Our proactive programs have a proven record of helping schools reduce vehicle downtime, improve reliability and lower the overall costs of transportation and also comply with all maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Our Fleet Maintenance Program


  • Reduced breakdowns with Improved bus safety and operator productivity.
  • With the help of proper types and quantities of parts readily available reduction of inconvenience and downtime.


  • Ability to support better management decisions with availability of information and improved data quality.
  • Skilled technicians well equipped with diagnostic equipment and the latest tools.
  • Accurate repair data maintenance for all buses and equipment.

Cost Savings

  • Lengthened fleet life along with reduced maintenance and repair costs.
  • By optimizing spare bus and parts inventory managing overall costs.
  • To bring you the highest quality equipment and parts at the lowest price with unmatched fleet and parts purchasing power.

Sustainable Operating Practices

  • With our use of environmentally-friendly products and practices reduced human and environmental impact.
  • Through tracking reports from our proprietary maintenance system an improved compliance to DOT, state, provincial and federal requirements.